ARAMIS by Aramis

The prestigious brand Aramis is a division of Estee Lauder, which was launched in 1964 to specifically target perfumes and personal hygiene products for men. This company, known today throughout the world, is considered the male side of Estee Lauder and has been widely accepted in the field of perfumes. In this regard, its perfume Aramis is the star of this brand, which is why they have offered us their own line of fragrances with this essence. Among these products we can find from softer versions of this perfume, to deodorants and after shave lotions with the fragrance of Aramis. This perfume is composed of top notes reminiscent of fresh grass and cinnamon. The heart has a smell to wood and geraniums, blended with an intense aroma of flowers. Finally, shows intense notes of leather that give body and sophistication to the composition. However, you'll notice that today the leather notes have been replaced by some similar, but somehow softer and fresh. Leather is undoubtedly the most characteristic smell of this fragrance and the one that has raised to a category of great elegance the world of fragrances for men. With this success behind them, Aramis has become one of the most requested fragrances by the perfume lovers around the world, being this one a mark of distinction for those men with strong character, independent and determined.
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