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Yves Saint Laurent LA LAQUE COUTURE

Nail polish

Yves Saint Laurent LA LAQUE COUTURE is an essential complement in woman hands.

A wide range of shades, intense and concentrated colors, bright and exuberant finishes, cold, nude, classic, daring, rebellious tones with a touch of fantasy. Why not?

This nail polish is long-lasting and has a quick drying. It is enriched with natural ingredients that promote our nails health, while keeping them protected.

Thanks to its exclusive and custom-made brush, in a single step it provides an uniform and impeccable color.
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Main ingredients:

· Rosehip and corallina extract, with protective properties for strong and resistannedt nails.
Tips for a perfect manicure:

- Clean your nails with a nail polish remover and cotton. Then, cut, file and smooth them to get a level surface.

- Apply a thin layer of vaseline on the nail edge. If we exceed with the polish, it will be very easy to remove it.

- Apply a base coat on each nail and wait a few seconds until it is completely dry.

- Choose the color and apply it, always removing the excess product by sliding the brush through the neck of the bottle. Let this thin layer dry, and apply a second layer.

- Finally, apply a finishing layer to give them extra shine and a greater strength.

- Soak your nails in ice water and the nail polish will harden more quickly.

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