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Victory Endurance SALT CAPS

Minerals and trace elements

SALT CAPS by VICTORY ENDURANCE . It is very important at the time of any exercise to maintain good hydration when we do a physical activity. This product is the best saline supplement because it provides the electrolytes and minerals necessary so that your performance is always at 100% helping hydration and replenishment of trace elements while you exercise.

Its formula contains all the ingredients that help maintain electrolyte balance:

Sodium: the first of the three minerals called electrolytes. The most important because it helps to maintain hydration in sports due to its ability to retain water within the cell. Participate in the proper functioning of the muscles.

Potassium: the second of the three electrolytes. It intervenes at the intracellular level in the acid-base balance, in muscle contraction and in neuromuscular activity. Facilitates water retention in the spaces between cells.

Chlorine: the third electrolyte. It is essential to maintain water balance since it is the one that most facilitates the absorption of fluids.

Calcium: acts on energy metabolism, muscle contraction, neuromuscular activity, nerve conduction and blood coagulation.

Iron: essential in the transport of oxygen.

Magnesium: intervenes in the release of energy (oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis), in protein synthesis, neuromuscular transmission, electrolyte balance and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Iodine: plays an important role in the release of energy, in the production of thyroid hormones, and in nervous and cognitive function.

Copper: participates in the transport of oxygen because it intervenes in the metabolism of iron. In addition to intervening in bone mineralization, in the maintenance of collagen, in the oxidative metabolism of glucose.

Manganese: essential and abundant in tissues rich in mitochondria (brain, liver, pancreas, kidney) and, therefore, for energy metabolism.

Selenium: has a powerful antioxidant action. It is also involved in the metabolism of thyroid hormones.

Thiamine or Vitamin B1: essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates to obtain energy, for example, in the Krebs cycle. It could improve the anaerobic threshold and its deficit can decrease performance.

Vitamin D: increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and intervenes in the growth and mineralization of bones, muscle function and the immune system.

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