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Victory Endurance ISO ENERGY #lemon


ISO ENERGY #lemon from Victory Endurance . Sports drink that provides energy and hydration. ISO ENERGY is a solution with a mild flavor, excellent digestion and ideal for endurance athletes. The contribution of energy and hydration is essential to maintain performance in endurance athletes, cyclists, triathletes or athletes who undergo very intense training and who want a supply of energy and hydration for a correct physical activity.

Its formula contains carbohydrates that are included in a complex known as Carbo Optium:

• Maltodextrin: carbohydrate of high glycemic index with rapid digestive transit, provides energy to maintain blood glucose during exercise.

• Dextrose is a monosaccharide with a high glycemic index.

• Fructose is a low glycemic monosaccharide.

In addition, it contains L-glutamine in its composition, which is responsible for accelerating muscle recovery and the replacement of glycogen stores, while preventing muscle destruction and increasing protein synthesis. L-glutamine is also a nutrient for the cells of the immune system. This drink contains little protein or fiber and does not contain fat, facilitating gastric emptying and reducing stomach discomfort that sometimes appears when eating food during prolonged activity.

Iso Energy has been enriched with different electrolytes, since in prolonged exercise there is an increase in the loss of these through sweat. To complete its formula, it presents vitamin C, a vitamin that plays an important role due to its antioxidant capacity, elimination of free radicals, as well as a regulator in the synthesis of collagen and its protective capacity of the immune system.

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