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Yellow Diamond by Versace is an Eau de Toilette for women belonging to the floral family. It is a voluptuous creation, inspired by two natural elements: the sun and the diamonds. From the sun it gathers its most luminous and ardent part, a facet full of fierceness, which balances perfectly with the hardness, purity and luxury of diamonds, its other key piece.

This fragrance was launched on the market in 2011, showing with it a pure and transparent beauty, a jewel never seen before, full of freshness and beauty, with many facets to discover and with a very prominent femininity on it. A perfectly polished diamond, which aims to shine as brightly as the light of the sun, the sun.

Its wake begins with a fresh, lively and sagacious citrus explosion, accompanied by notes such as neroli, bergamot, Amalfi lemon and pear, which give us an instant energy boost. Afterwards, her floral heart is in charge of giving character to her personality, a fusion of romanticism, passion and desire, with a strong hint of femininity, reflected in sparkles of fresia, water lily mimosa and orange blossom. Finally, a trio of aces of seduction ends this adventure, they are amber, gaiac wood and musk.

DONATELLA VERSACE RING. The fashion designer and chief designer of the firm, she often wore a stunning ring with a yellow diamond, imposing and dazzling, this jewel, declared as one of her favorites, set the starting point for Yellow Diamond.

THE FEMININE CHARM. This fragrance represents the sensuality and charm of the Versace woman. A striking shine and an unpredictable character, this is the profile to which this perfume describes.

HEAT ON THE SKIN. Yellow Diamond wants to make us feel the soft and pleasant sensation that the sun produces on our skin, our energy engine, which transmits warmth, comfort and pleasure.

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