Shiseido FUTURE SOLUTION LX total regenerating body cream

Body moisturiser - Body firming

Shiseido FUTURE SOLUTION LX Total Regenerating Body Cream is a treatment with revitalizing properties to obtain an elastic and firm skin.

This rich cream slows down skin aging and improves its texture and appearance, giving it back natural shine and an extra firmness, so that it looks beautiful and young. In addition, it has an intense moisturizing action that lasts for 24 hours to provide comfort to the driest skin.

Its excellent formula is combined with aromatherapy to enhance its benefits through a delicate and elegant fragrance, which contributes to make a unique and relaxing moment of well-being.

This body cream has been awarded with an IFSCC, considered the Nobel of cosmetics.

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested.
Skin type
All skin types
Its active ingredients are:

· Houttuynia Cordata extract and Angelica root extract, ingredients of oriental origin used during centuries to enhance the beauty of the skin.

· Uji tea extract and facembola extract, with antioxidant properties that intensify the benefits of the treatment.

This body treatment is formulated with the exclusive Skingenecell 1P complex, which creates a superior defense against radicals.
These indications must be followed in order to enhance the effects of any anti-cellulite and/or firming treatment: - The effectiveness of the product is higher if it is applied after having a shower. - Exfoliate the area to be treated with a horsehair glove using circular movements to smooth the skin texture. - When massaging the affected area with the product, these movements must be ascending, thus the circulation will be activated and the product will penetrate more effectively. - Food must be taken after and a constant routine of exercise must be done, being consistent with the application of the product.
Apply over todo el body with a soft massage until completely absorbed.

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