Shiseido ESSENTIAL ENERGY moisturizing gel cream

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ESSENTIAL ENERGY Moisturizing Gel Cream by Shiseido is a moisturising care in a very fresh and light cream gel texture. Perfect to combat the first signs of aging and fatigue.

The beauty of the skin is synonymous with energy, and a dull lifeless skin is largely due to the lack of energy in the skin. Shiseido has created a moisturising care that hydrates skin without adding oil and is quickly absorbed.

Its formula contains ReNeura Technology™ which reactivates the skin's sensors to restart and respond better to the daily routine. It improves dryness, has great moisturising powers, transforms the skin and makes it softer and more luminous, without opacity or expression lines.

As a curiosity, there are 64 different forms of this gel cream bottle, each one inspired by the Japanese Raku pottery, which is traditionally used in tea ceremonies.

Suitable for all skin types, non-comedogenic. Subjected to dermatological testing, it does not have either parabens or mineral oils.
Between 18 and 25 years old / Between 26 and 35 years old / Under 18
Skin type
All skin types
Day and Night
Cream / Gel
Parabens Free / No Comedogenic
Its formula incorporates ReNeura Technology™ that reactivates skin neurological sensors to better transmit information, whose main ingredients are: a detector powder and a microspherical powder to facilitate information transmission to skin cells.

This includes Ashitaba, a natural transmitter from an exuberant plant that grows on Japanese shores and is known for its regenerative powers.

The skin extract of the unshiu citrus helps to recover internal hydration of the skin.
This cream is recommended from the age of 30 to women with a hectic pace of life who need help to energize their skin and keep it young and healthy naturally for a few more years. Combats the first signs of age such as fine expression lines. Although recommended for all skin types, its light gel formula and non-comedogenic composition make it perfect for combination or oily skin.

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