Rimmel London WONDER'FULL WAKE ME UP mascara


WONDER’FULL WAKE ME UP MASCARA by Rimmel London, a multi-function mascara.

More voluminous eyelashes, raised and elongated in just one step! This mascara helps to achieve a full eyelash definition while exerting a volumizing effect on them, improving length and creating a curve that raises them to infinity.

Its formula has been enriched with vitamins and cucumber extract, so in addition to beautifying your look you will also be pampering, nourishing and strengthening your eyelashes.

It covers lashes from root to tip with an intense veil of colour, without the need for retouching and avoiding the formation of clumps.

You already know, get a fresh and energized look with Rimmel London!
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Its main essential components include:

· Extract of Cucumis Sativus or 'Cucumber', known for its moisturizing properties.

· Beeswax, a softening and protective element that prevents damage from environmental external aggressors.

· Carnauba wax, which prevents cosmetic products from leaving a sticky sensation and provides protection.
The correct application of mascara helps to achieve the desired look. Here are some tips for the eyelashes you've always dreamed of:

- Start by curling your eyelashes with the help of a curler, for a more pronounced lift and definition.

-To make sure the brush is properly coated with the mascara, turn the brush from right to left, never from top to bottom, otherwise the mascara will dry out.

- If you think you might blink when applying brush to eyelashes, open your mouth, as this expression makes it harder to blink.

- Start with the upper lashes, tilt your face up and back slightly and keep your eyes half-open, placing the brush at the base of the eyelashes and move it in zig-zag fashion towards the roots. This movement avoids clumping.

- Allow it to dry a few seconds and apply a second layer of product with the same movements. Do not apply more than 2 layers as otherwise the lashes will look overloaded.

- Next, and also in a zig-zag motion, apply to lower lashes.

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