Revlon Make Up MASCARA all in one


Revlon ULTImatte ALL-IN-ONE Mascara offers 5 benefits:

· Provides an intense volume and densifies this effect.

· Lengthens the eyelashes to infinity providing a dream look.

· Defines their silhouette, avoiding the formation of lumps and keeping them perfectly separated.

· Accentuates their curvature and elevates them considerably.

· Its intense color pigments provides shine and extreme coverage.

Its innovative and oval shaped brush has a central hollow that provides the necessary formula to cover them uniformly.
Its correct application helps to achieve the desired look. Tips to wear dreamy lashes:

- Curl your eyelashes, so they will acquire a greater curvature and definition.

- To soak the brush with the mascara, turn the brush from right to left. Never move it from top to bottom because the mascara will dry.

- If you fear blinking when you bring the brush to the eyelashes, open your mouth. This gesture makes it difficult.

- Start with the upper lashes. Tilt your face slightly backwards and keep your eyes half-open, place the brush at the base of the eyelashes and move it zig-zag towards its roots. This movement avoids the presence of lumps.

- Let dry a few seconds and apply a second layer of product following the same movements. It is recommended not to apply more than 2 layers.

- Apply the product on the lower lashes with zig-zag movements.

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