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Platanomelón GINA copa menstrual

Menstrual cup

GINA Platanomelón menstrual cup .

With the Gina de Platanomelón menstrual cup, buying pads or tampons every month and going to the bathroom to change every two to three is over. Wear your menstrual cup for up to 12 hours in a row during the day, at night, while doing sports or even when traveling and save money.

Benefits of using the menstrual cup:

- Health: In life, health is paramount. A quality menstrual cup like Gina ensures hygiene and intimate health. Instead, many women have been diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) due to regular tampon use.

- Savings: On the other hand, the Gina menstrual cup has a cost of € 20. It is an investment that, if you take good care of it, lasts up to 10 years. Which means that you spend € 0.20 per year. If we turn to pads and tampons, the economic outlook changes radically: in Spain, a box of pads or tampons costs approximately € 4. If on average we spend 1 box per rule, it means that for 10 years we spend 120 boxes, which, in euros, is € 480 in 10 years. So, if you bet on the menstrual cup, you save € 460.

- Ecological: The use and throw away is over with the menstrual cup. Remember that only one woman spends at least 15 pads / tampons each month. In Spain we are 23 million women. Imagine a mountain of all the pads / tampons that we use all together in just one day. Millions! With the menstrual cup there is no residue beyond the box it comes in and having to change it at age 10. All are advantages!
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Main characteristics of the Gina menstrual cup:

- Comfortable, healthy, ecological and economical.

- Up to 12 hours of continuous protection.

- Reusable and non-disposable.

- Easy to handle. -

Flexible material

- It does not produce losses or dryness.

- Does not deposit fibers on the vaginal walls.

- No pesticides or bleaches.

- Includes cotton bag to store and transport it.

Other details of the Gina menstrual cup:

- Material: high quality hypoallergenic silicone, latex and phthalate free, with a smooth finish.

- Includes satin bag for storage and transport.

- Measurements of the small menstrual cup (S): 7.3 cm in length, 4.3 cm in diameter and 20 ml capacity.

- Measurements of the large menstrual cup (L): 7.8 cm in length, 4.5 cm in diameter and 35 ml capacity.

- Internal thickness: 0.45 cm.

- Maintenance: rinse or wash with water and neutral soap and boil according to the instructions.

- 2 years warranty.
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How to insert the Gina menstrual cup:

Putting on a menstrual cup is as simple as putting on a tampon. Just like the first day you put a tampon in, it was not easy for you, the same thing can happen to you with the cup. Until you get used to it! So don't be overwhelmed if trying it for the first time doesn't work out.

The material of the Gina de Platanomelón menstrual cup is very flexible. Which gives you a lot of play to handle it as you please and wear it as you like. You can go testing. We give you some ideas to do it. The concept is always the same: bend the cup to reduce its size and insert it into the vagina. Once inside, stop pressing with your finger so that it opens and makes the vacuum effect. How to put the Gina de Platanomelón menstrual cup If it is correctly placed, you should not even notice it. If you have any annoying, do not hesitate to take it out, clean it and put it back until it is in place. When your period comes, the first thing you have to do is boil the menstrual cup for 3 minutes to disinfect it from possible bacteria. Next, reduce its size as we have explained in the previous section and insert it until you feel comfortable. If you want to remove it before 12 hours have passed, remove it and empty the glass into the sink in the bathroom and clean it with water and mild soap. It is extracted and emptied every 6 to 8 hours, depending on the flow, although it can be worn for up to 12 hours if necessary. Finally it is rinsed or cleaned and inserted again. It can be cleaned more thoroughly between periods. When inserted correctly, it is so comfortable you won't even feel it. You will only need some practice at first to find the correct angle and position.
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