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Perfume set for woman


LADY MILLION by Paco Rabanne is an "Eau de Parfum" for women belonging to the Floral Fruity family. This perfume describes a determined, insightful and seductive woman. With very clear ideas and a high power of conviction. A woman who imposes her rules and does not allow herself to be overshadowed by anyone in any situation.

This fragrance was launched in 2010 by perfumers Anne Flipo, Beatrice Piquet, Dominique Ropion and Bruno Jovanovic. It is a sweet perfume, and with eighties allusions. A song to the modern and enterprising woman, who always remains in the foreground and loves herself. A sexy and outgoing profile, who knows how to exploit his best qualities and thus seduces and falls in love wherever he goes.

Its olfactory pyramid begins with citrus fruits such as lemon and Amalfi combined with the wild sweetness of raspberries, creating a feeling of desire. Little by little, a floral heart makes its way, formed by a bouquet of jasmine, African orange blossom and gardenia, full of light and lust, ending with an amber background fused with patchouli and white honey, sensual and addictive elements.

GLAMOR AND STRENGTH. They are the most prominent symbols of perfume. A 'Lady Million' is a fighter and unwavering woman and at the same time a lady from head to toe, with an inimitable and trend-setting style.

GOLDEN DIAMOND. Its bottle symbolizes luxury and exclusivity. A diamond-shaped container with a striking gold color. Two of the most precious elements in fine jewelry come together to identify this fragrance.

TOP SALES. This fragrance won the award for “Best Selling Fragrance of the Year” in the year of its launch. Its creation was a revolution among the younger public, since the expectation before its launch was excessive.

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