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Verveine de L'Occitane is a unisex 'Eau de Toilette' belonging to the floral family. It is an essence inspired by the verbena fields of Provence, an aromatic plant that contains the purest and most intoxicating freshness that exists. A clean and natural aroma, which once dyed by the sun, becomes an essence of sensuality.

This fragrance was launched in 2003 by the firm L'Occitane. Verveine evokes the image of the verbena fields, visualized from the air, which draw countless green lines before being collected by farmers. This aromatic herb distills an incredible citrus scent, which rests on the skin, creating an aura of positivism and good vibrations, which makes this perfume a fantastic option to accompany us during the day to day.

Its olfactory wake is free of aromatic phases or pyramidal steps. It remains constant and linear throughout its cycle. In it, we can highlight a large number of notes from nature and biological fields, elements properly harvested by the laboratories L'Occitane, among the most prominent we can name rose, verbena, lemon, geranium and cedron.

HAPPINESS IN ITS PUREST FORM. The aroma of this fragrance is accompanied by an incredible dose of joy, well-being and purity. An extremely fresh and comfortable fragrance, which makes us feel comfortable and with a carefree air.

BIOLOGICAL VERVAIN. The verbena used to create this fragrance comes from an area dedicated to organic farming, belonging to L'Occitane, which favours more aromatic and pure extracts.

GIFT IDEA. Thanks to the freshness of its notes and versatility, as it is a unisex fragrance, this perfume has a high acceptance among the public, so it becomes a wonderful gift idea.
Olfactory groups
Olfactory family: Floral.

Base notes: Rose, geranium, verbena and lemon Aromatic

Verveine is a fragrance with floral notes. With its scent features, it is a fantastic choice for day to day use, especially during the warmer seasons. Its scent on the skin is subtle, moderate, perfectly long-lasting for those people who seek a very fine scent. For this fragrance there is no limitation of age or sex, is a scent for those looking to feel great and feel refreshed.


To prolong the scent longer, apply your fragrance to your wrists and behind the earlobe. These areas pulse having a temperature above the rest of the body, and this will help the fragrance to evaporate slower. Avoid spraying perfume onto your clothes as it can stain, damage and alter certain fabrics. To prolong the scent of the fragrance, we recommend using products from the same range as shower gel, body lotions or deodorants.


Protect your fragrance from direct sunlight and heat, otherwise it could alter the composition of the fragrance and escape.

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