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For you, BeautyLovers, for us and for everybody. Let’s be responsible.

Our devoted Customer Service team is still entirely available to you for any queries you might have. We have stopped telephone service for this period, but our team will respond to you by email, through the contact form or through our official profiles on social media:

Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible that some clients have doubts about the orders. Here you’ll find some FAQs. If you have any other doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you still shipping to different countries, even though to those countries with severe restrictions as Italy?

Yes. At the moment, our late deliveries are the minimum. Even though it is possible that there were some late deliveries to and from quarantines’ countries, our commitment is your best satisfaction and keep our services and quality standards, so that we will inform you whenever any change in shipping time appears.

Is that safe getting orders from countries affected by COVID-19?

Yes. Our clients’ safety is our first priority and that’s the reason why we are following all the instructions coming from the competent bodies. Stated by the WHO, “the likelihood of an infected person infecting commercial products is low, and the risk of taking COVID-19 virus by contact with parcels manipulated, shipped or exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also low”

The payment methods are also maintained. However, following the health protocols, and in order to minimise the exchange of cash, our recommendation is to avoid contact insofar as possible, so we would ask that you consider other methods of payment (mostly transfer or card payment).

All of the distribution companies follow a healthcare protocol and avail of all of the precautions in order to undertake secure deliveries and guarantee minimum contact.

Could I continue returning my products if necessary?

Yes, of course. In addition, you have to think that the period for returns has been extended for 14 days from the moment when the alarm state finishes.

These days at home can be easier to manage with ideas, household plans and more charitable initiatives. From our official profiles on social media, we share many of these ideas so that you feel our presence as closely as every and can join us with your virtual company.

Together we can achieve it!

Dear customers,

We find ourselves immersed in a worldwide scale health crisis, unprecedented for more than a century. In this uncertain situation, we must keep strong, with our minds as serene as we can and look forward hopefully and with optimism.
Meanwhile, your health and safety (as well as our employees and our partners ones) are our first priority.
Under these circumstances, I would like to show my most sincere gratitude to all of you:

  • All our clients that keep on buying through Perfumes Club, for keep on trusting on our Company for all your health and beauty products.
  • All our staff, who keeps on working very hard for all our clients’ satisfaction.
  • All our logistic services, because they are currently working day by day, preparing all your orders with their usual enthusiasm.
  • All our shipping companies, who are delivering all your orders on time in spite of the inconveniencies.
  • All our suppliers, they continue providing all the products you need.
  • Our specially gratitude to all those members from healthy services and security forces who are fighting against COVID-19 and to all the population respecting the Govern confinement.

Our way of contributing on this fight is keep on working to help mitigate the coming economic crisis. We are maintaining all our employees with their 100% salary and, for you our clients, we have lowered the prices of our products improving our shipping conditions.
We are also fighting to keep our commercial chain working as usual, doing our best in order to allow our suppliers selling their products. 
Our different team works are doing their best for continue offering you the best possible experience as client. That’s the reason why we think that it could be useful for you to find out the answers to some questions you may have. You can find below FAQ section. If there is still any doubt from your side, you can send an email to team@perfumesclub.co.uk. It will be a pleasure to answer you.

Gerardo Cañellas, CEO Perfume's Club

Today and always, we consider you a fundamental part of Perfume’s Club.
Together, we are creating this great BeautyLovers family.
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