Lancôme BRÔW SHAPING powdery pencil

Eyebrow makeup

BRÔW SHAPING Powdery Pencil by Lancôme. A soft eyebrow pencil with a creamy texture that will help you get the most out of your eyes with a completely natural, dense and defined finish.

This eyebrow pencil helps you broaden and give volume to your eyebrows providing a great definition and enhancing your look for long hours.

Its smooth and creamy texture allows for a perfect application, as it glides on and is good for blurring.

Quickly and easily, you can fill in the gaps, provide density and sculpt your eyebrows, so that they look totally beautiful and attractive.

In addition, at one end, a small brush helps to smooth, set and comb your eyebrows.
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Eyebrows today play a very important role in our face, so it is essential to ensure they look perfectly groomed and made-up. Here are the essential steps for good eyebrow makeup:

- To begin, eyebrows must be perfectly waxed with the help of specialized professionals. Remember that the eyebrows should follow their natural form to enhance your looks and your beauty.

- Choose the pencil tone most similar to that of your eyebrow colour. Next, comb your eyebrows with the brush that comes with the pencil.

- Next, and as a final step, use the pencil tip to fill in the eyebrows or, just outline them to emphasize contour.

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