Kanebo Sensai EYELID base

Make-up primer

Kanebo Sensai EYELID BASE hydrates and protects while preparing and fixing the eyeshadow color and eyeliners.

This specific base provides a natural pearly shine and unifies the eyellid tone eliminating redness, veins or irregular pigmentation.

It helps that the eyeshadow to be more precise and smooth, so that the colors are more saturated and fixed on the eyelid.

It is perfect for the most elaborate makeups as it increases the durability on the eyelids without running or losing intensity.

Suitable for all skin types. Ophthalmologically tested.
It contains Koishimaru silk extract with moisturizing properties, in addition to highly moisturizing fuji sensui water and sunflower seed extract rich in vitamin E.
Main eyelid base benefits:

· It prevents pigments or eyeshadow from accumulating on the eyelid wrinkles.

· It softens the eyelid tone and texture, so it can be used alone or with a neutral eyeshadow.

· It provides smoothness and eliminates the fat accumulated in the eyelid.

· It offers a greater color fixation. · It does not mistreat excessively the area with heavy products or textures.

· Provides a professional and long-lasting finish.

Depending on its formula and texture, it is recommended to follow these application instructions:

· Apply on a clean and completely dry eyelid.

· Extend it on the eyelid with a soft makeup brush or the fingertip.

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