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Perfume refill - Eau de Parfum unisex


GALOP D'HERMÈS is a feminine Eau de Parfum belonging to the Oriental olfactory family. It was launched in 2016 by Christine Nagel, who knew how to capture in an aroma the entire essence of the firm, joining raw materials as important as leather and rose.

The inspiration to create this fragrance came from her visit to the Hermès house store where all the hides are kept. Her attention was drawn mainly to fine and smooth skin, much more delicate and feminine, called doblis skin. The other pillar of the perfume came from a more general view, since these skins were stored folded and rolled up so that their ends created beautiful fur roses. It was when he knew that he had to create the connection between the leather and the rose.

OLFACTORY PYRAMID. Its creator did not want one note to predominate over the other, especially in the case of leather and rose, seeking a perfect balance between them. Its output is juicy and different with saffron and quince, to give way to an elegant heart of osmanthus and Turkish rose that are in harmony with the leather and white musk in the background.

THE FEMINITY OF LEATHER. Despite being a note that does not predominate in feminine perfumes, we find a delicate and soft leather that evokes the one that inspired the creator herself. Thus proving that any note can be susceptible of a good creation and establishing a special connection with the history of the Hermès house.

RECHARGE. This product is a replacement to fill the original bottle. Contains Galop d'Hermès perfume, but not vaporizer.
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