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Eau d'Orange Verté is a unisex rechargeable “Eau de Cologne” with fully citrus notes, it is the founding colony of the French firm Hermès, inspired by a humid forest, covered by morning dew, and distinguished by infinite freshness.

This fragrance was created in 1979 by the perfumer Françoise Caron, and reissued in 2009 by Jean-Claude Ellena, reflecting an energetic moment, alive and full of vitality, filling with light every corner of our body, thus creating an infinite feeling of joy and positivism. Its development is related to the practice of sports and outdoor activities.

Its olfactory notes are a citrus explosion, giving greater importance to the green orange peel, mandarin and lemon flowers, predominant elements that are responsible for bringing the fragrance to life; at the same time, but in the background we find peppermint, nuances of currant buds and a slight trail of oak moss and patchouli, soft notes, but with personality that have just strengthened it.

INSTANT WELFARE. Its freshness provides the sensation of immediate comfort, transporting us to the most beautiful outdoor landscape ever imagined.

LIVE INTENSELY. The energy of this this fragrance drives us to want to make the most of every moment of the day, without the opportunity to miss any occasion.

CHARACTERISTIC BOTTLE. Its packaging is one of the most characteristic forms of Hermès. Of an intense green color and of straight and pure lines, it symbolizes the lanterns that adorned the carriages of yesteryear. (This text has been translated automatically.)
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