Helena Rubinstein RE-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY day cream

Anti aging cream & anti wrinkle treatment

RE-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY Day Cream by Helena Rubinstein. A repairing and moisturizing day cream that combats the signs of aging and dryness.

After several years of research and meticulous work, the firm is introducing this repairing cream with multiple functions:

. Relaxes and relieves skin.

· Exerts an intense nourishing and moisturizing action.

· Restores skin barrier.

· Smooths out wrinkles and corrects age-related damage.

· Protects the skin against external aggressions.

· Provides a radiance boost.

This is the elixir of youth that immediately refreshes and smooths out skin, improving appearance and tone and creating a feeling of total comfort. In addition, it is an ideal complement to a quick recovery after facial cosmetic surgery, due to its high repair and restorative powers.

Its rich and unctuous texture penetrates quickly into the skin, avoiding the sensation of heaviness and relieving any kind of tightness or roughness.

Suitable for dry and / or dehydrated skin.
Between 36 and 50 years old / More than 50 years old
Skin type
All skin types
Its formula is made up of:

· SOLUTION ACTI-PLAST: a combination of Centella Asiatica and D-Panthenol, with moisturizing and restorative properties.

· ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX: made up of Vitamin C and E, to protect skin from free radicals.
Apply in the morning to clean and balanced skin.
This cream is recommended for dry and/or dehyrated skin after the age of 40. For best results, use with the other products from the RE-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY line, such as the night treatment or eye contour treatment.

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