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DAHLIA DIVIN by Givenchy a women's "Eau de Parfum" belonging to the Oriental Floral family. With this launch, the brand transmits the essence of the world of haute couture, an aura full of luxury, sophistication and luminosity.

This fragrance was launched in 2014 by perfumer François Demachy. This essence envelops women in a veil of delicacy and exclusivity, two of the brand's characteristics, as well as exalting her strength and presence.

It is a very refined and elegant scent, discreet yet full of light, which makes us feel as if the golden rays of the sun had settled on our skin, caressing us and filling us with energy.

Its olfactory pyramid starts with a pleasant fruity combination, with citrus notes and Maribel plum, with the added distinction of a subtle haze of pink pepper. The heart expresses the femininity of sweet flowers and fruits, such as rose, lily of the valley, apple and black currants. Finally, a warm bottom composed of patchouli, white musk and vanilla among others, winds up this experience.

FEMININE DIVINITY. Every woman has a goddess within her, and Givenchy aims to help all women strengthen that facet so often hidden from view. DAHLIA DIVIN enhances our brightness and makes us feel like true deities whatever the occasion.

GOLDEN RAIN. The golden colour is fundamental to the creation of this perfume. Its packaging, its essence and even the dress of its model, which took over 500 hours of work, and was embroidered with threads of pure gold and precious stones.

ALICIA KEYS. The famous singer has been chosen to be the face of this perfume. The brand's designer says that she embodies everything that the fragrance represents: strength, beauty and elegance.
Olfactory groups
Oriental Floral
Release Date
3274872274464 / 3274872280403 / 3274872274457
Olfactory family: Floral Oriental.

Top notes: Mirabel plum, citrus and pink pepper.

Heart notes: jasmine sambac, orange blossom, lily of the valley, rose, black currant, apple and peach.

Base notes: sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, vanilla and white musk.
TIPS FOR USE DAHLIA DIVIN Eau de Parfum by Givenchy, is a fragrance belonging to the Oriental Floral family for women. Its olfactory notes indicate that it is indeed timeless, and should be used especially at night and for special occasions.

Good skin sillage and lastingness.

GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS To prolong the aroma for longer, apply to the inside of the wrists and behind the ear lobes. These pulse zones have a higher temperature than the rest of the body, helping the fragrance evaporate more slowly.

Perfume applied directly on clothes may stain, damage or alter the fabric.

To prolong the wake of the fragrance, we recommend using the other products in the range, such as shower gels, body lotions or deodorants.

CONSERVATION Keep your fragrance out of direct sunlight and away from heat, otherwise its composition could be altered and become little more than a sad reminder of your favorite fragrance.

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