Eve Lom EVE LOM eye lift

Eye contour cream

Eve Lom EYE LIFT is a triple action treatment for the eye contour developed for all skin types.

It has the following properties:

· Acts as anti-wrinkle and softens the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles, visibly improving the skin texture.

· Acts as firming and creates an instant lifting effect, embellishing the look and rejuvenating it immediately.

· Hydrates and illuminates. After use, the look acquires a radiance and an instant freshness, showing itself revitalized, thanks to its long-lasting moisturizing action: eyes radiate splendor and are exempt from any fatigue sign. It has an ergonomic and hygienic applicator.
Between 36 and 50 years old
Skin type
All skin types
Day and Night
Its main active assets are:

· Soy isoflavones, which stimulate the production of collagen and elastine, reducing appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

· Oat kernel extract, with firming and toner effect.

· Sodium hyaluronate, with long lasting

· Retinol microspheres, with anti-wrinkle effect.
It is recommended for women from 30 onwards, all skin types .

For best results, combine it with Eve Lom products, such as de facial cleansing or moisturising creams.
Apply every morning and evening as the last step of the beauty routine. Pump a small amount of the product and massage with soft, circular motions on the eyer contour until completely absorbed.

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