Estée Lauder PURE COLOR envy lustre


Estée Lauder PURE COLOR ENVY Hi-Lustre is an intense color lipstick with full coverage that hydrates and nourishes.

This creamy lipstick has a rich and pleasant texture that rests on the lips, allowing to choose between different finishes: from daring and bold matte tones to slightly satin and bright tones.

After use, our lips are smooth, remain hydrated and colored for 6 hours, and are perfectly defined and sculpted.

Estée Lauder invites to play with color and make it our biggest ally, encouraging to combine and create different shades thanks to its wide range of colors.
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Main ingredients:

· Candelilla wax, responsible for providing creaminess to the texture.

· Olea Europaea oil, with nourishing properties.

· Wheat germ extract, that smoothes and prevents premature aging.
Tips to apply the lipstick correctly and show an impeccable smile:

- Before applying it, our face must be cleaned and toned with specific products.

- Once clean, apply a lip base for a smooth and uniform skin. It also will facilitate the application of the lip.

- To define the outline, it is recommended to delineate the lips with a thin line. This product help to create optical effects of greater or lesser lip volume.

- Choose the lip and apply it. Start at the center of the mouth and extend it outwards. For more precision, use a lip brush.

- Finally, with the help of a dry tissue paper, remove any excess product. The simplest way is to kiss it, so the lip will last longer.

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