Estée Lauder ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR eye concentrate matrix

Dark circles, eye bags & under eyes cream

ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR Eye Concentrate Matrix by Estée Lauder. A concentrated eye contour to repair all the signs of age.

This advanced eye care formula conditions, moisturizes and repairs the skin around the eyes so that it looks fresh, rested and free of fine lines and / or wrinkles.

From its first application we can see its benefits on the skin, with a sensation of calmness, freshness and comfort in the area (it provides a boost of hyaluronic acid, which helps to retain moisture in the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles) .

In addition, it has a specific applicator that favors the microcirculation of the area and the penetration of the product in the dermis.

After use, the skin around the eyes becomes stronger and more supple, recovering the radiance and youth lost due to external aggressions.

Dermatologically and ophthamologically tested.
Between 26 and 35 years old / Between 36 and 50 years old / More than 50 years old
Skin type
All skin types
Its main components are:

· Extract of Cucumis Sativus or 'Cucumber', known for its moisturizing and whitening properties.

· Mangosteen extract, a rich source of Vitamin C that provides antioxidants to the skin to protect it from free radicals.

· Chamomile extract, with relaxing properties.

· Soybean extract, retains hydration, acts as an antioxidant and stimulates collagen production.
This is the last step in the beauty routine. This cream should be applied on the eye area morning and night, previously clean and dry. To speed up penetration, massage gently with the special applicator or pat skin gently with the fingertips.
This treatment is recommended for all skin types after the age of 30.

Combine this balm with other treatment products from the ESTÉE LAUDER brand, specifically the ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR line, to enhance benefits and achieve excellent results.

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