Clinique SUPERPRIMER universal face primer

Foundation makeup

Clinique SUPERPRIMER is a pre-base that improves the skin texture to offer a complexion ready and fully prepared to makeup.

After use, the makeup glides easily on the face, its fixation is greater and its duration increases considerably.

This SUPERPRIMER tone smoothes and softens the skin texture to offer a perfect face without imperfections.

Oil-free. Suitable for all skin types.
Skin type
All skin types
Hypoallergenic / Fragrance Free
Clinique products are mineral oil-free and fragrance-free.
It prepares the skin to subsequently apply a makeup base. Its main benefits are:

- Avoiding that makeup base pigments accumulate in wrinkles.

- Softening and unifying the skin tone.

- Providing smoothness, eliminating shine and preventing excess fat.

- A greater fixation and color duration

- A professional finish free of imperfections.

- Reduction of redness and pores.


- Avoid applying large amounts of product to not clogge the pore.

- Apply the pre-base after the usual cleaning and moisturizing cream.

Clinique - SUPERPRIMER universal face primer - Reviews

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