Clarins ECLAT MINUTE base eye

Make-up primer

Clarins Instannedt Eye Perfecting Base is a fluid makeup that smoothes and unifies the skin tone.

Its new formula deeply nourishes and illuminates the area, preventing the appearance of aging signs with a young and rested look for longer.

Eyeshadows will remain intact and completely fixed throughout the day.

A look and a scandal makeup thanks to its the perfect combination!
Its new formula is enriched with oatmeal sugars that smooth, illuminate and unify the skin.
Main eyelid base benefits:

· It prevents pigments or eyeshadow from accumulating on the eyelid wrinkles.

· It softens the eyelid tone and texture, so it can be used alone or with a neutral eyeshadow.

· It provides smoothness and eliminates the fat accumulated in the eyelid.

· It offers a greater color fixation. · It does not mistreat excessively the area with heavy products or textures.

· Provides a professional and long-lasting finish.

Depending on its formula and texture, it is recommended to follow these application instructions:

· Apply on a clean and completely dry eyelid.

· Extend it on the eyelid with a soft makeup brush or the fingertip.

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