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Chanel Nº 5 twist & spray

Refillable perfume for woman


Chanel Nº5 by Chanel is an “Eau de Parfum” for women belonging to the Floral Aldehydic family. We are facing the world's best-selling fragrance, one of the most desired, denoting exclusivity and luxury, an object of desire for many, and an irreplaceable classic for others. This is perhaps the most prestigious and coveted women's perfume worldwide, and a classic icon of the Chanel brand.

This fragrance was created in 1921 by the perfumer Ernest Beaux, and at the express request of Gabrielle Chanel. The latter wanted a feminine fragrance "with the smell of a woman", and with these same words demanded it. We can affirm that it was fully achieved. Nº5 is the first perfume by the exclusive firm Chanel, with which he managed to launch himself into stardom and boost his empire in perfumery by leaps and bounds. A feminine, elegant, glamorous, sexy scent ... There are not enough adjectives to describe it, we can only say that it is an experience to live minimally once in a lifetime.

Its olfactory pyramid is an authentic powdery floral bouquet. It was the first perfume to use the aldehyde technique. Soft ultra feminine and delicate floral aromas combine with a soft and discreet touch of vanilla, patchouli and musk, responsible for endowing it with a seductive and elegantly sensual point. Unique and revolutionary features, that almost a century later, remain intact.

ELITIST FRAGRANCE. Chanel was aware that exclusivity is often a great advertising weapon, and at its launch, this was a fragrance that very few could access, which produced a greater effect of desire towards her. Years later, the miniature edition was released, more affordable than its original size.

Nº5. The name of this perfume is due to the fact that the perfumer presented several samples of the perfume to Gabrielle, and the one chosen was No. 5. In honor of this, the designer decided to keep this simple name for the great creation.

TWIST & SPRAY BAG VAPORIZER. This comfortable format of the perfume allows us to transport it wherever we go, either during the day to day in the bag, or on any trip. Besides, it also includes two spare parts to always keep our vaporizer charged.
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