JOUES CONTRASTE Fard à Joues Poudre by Chanel. Long-lasting modulable powder blush for a natural finish.

Blush is an essential beauty tool for sculpting the face, so Chanel presents its emblematic JOUES CONTRASTE, blushes for a professional finish thanks to their unique silky texture which is easy to apply.

Thanks to its use, we can accentuate facial contours framing and enhancing features.

The wide range of colours meets the needs of each user and adapts to all skin tones, achieving a bright, sophisticated and natural finish.

This format includes an applicator brush made with natural hair.
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Blush helps to vitalize the face and bring freshness and energy. To apply this product correctly, we recommend the following steps:

- Choose the blush shade that best suits your skin. (Pale skins should opt for pink or peach tones, while darker skins should highlight their features with orange and brown tones).

- This product is the last step in your makeup routine. - Work the brush in a circular motion in the product. Remove excess product by tapping it gently or simply by blowing gently on it.

- Now give the mirror a big smile. This gesture pushes up your cheekbones, and it is just in that accented area where you should apply the blush, with ascending movements.

- Finally, fix the product with a fine dusting of powder.

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