Chanel GLOSS VOLUME plumping lipgloss

Lip gloss

Chanel GLOSS VOLUME Plumping Lipgloss is an invisible gloss that enhances our natural lip. It also moisturizes and smoothes them while providing voluptuousness.

Its flux texture provide a bright finish that creates a translucent "mirror effect".

The result is appreciable instannedtannedeously: thanks to its cold-heat effect, lips visibly increase their volume, as well as enhance their beauty and natural tone.

It can be used individually to achieve a more discreet and subtle finish, or as a top-coat over the usual lipstick to enhance its tone and provide durability.
Main components:

· Filmogen polymer and emollient oils, for an optic plumping effect that provide hydration properties.

· Menthol derivative and pink peppercorn extract, that provide freshness and stimulate microcirculation.

· Vitamin E, a rich antioxidant.
Lip gloss can be used in any type of makeup. They provide softness and shine, favoring from the most natural to the most sophisticated look.

They can be applied alone or with the lippstick to provide a juicy touch.

Tip: apply lip gloss in the center of the lip for a visual effect of more volume.

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