Chanel ÉCLAT ÉNEGMATIQUE ombres à paupières quatour

Eye shadow

ÉCLAT ÉNIGMATIQUE by Chanel. A range of four shades with easy application and a smooth texture that combine perfectly with each other, alternating intermediate, dark and light tones.

This elegant eyeshadow set is a Limited Edition, and has 4 shades to highlight colour expression, for an infinity of styles and looks, thanks to its wide variety of finishes, from matte and intense tones to iridescent and satiny ones, without forgetting the daring and exciting metallized tones.

In this case, there is:

· A clear tone, to illuminate and widen the gaze.

· Two intermediate tones, for grading.

· A dark tone, to intensify and deepen.

Proper use and the right combination of colours mean professionally finished make-up, with an infinite duration and intense colours throughout the day.

This product has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for contact lens wearers.
Its composition includes:

· A high concentration of pure long-lasting pigments that offers a wider range of effects and intensity.

· A gelling system with a combination of polymers and spherical powders that give texture softness and creaminess, diffusing shades and homogenous results.
Getting that intense, attractive and beautiful look is very simple with our advice:

-To get a gaze with a professional finish, you should use three different tone shades. Remember that they should be shades from the same range which combine together. Choose a main shade, with a lighter one in the same tone, to highlight and a darker one to intensify the gaze.

- Before starting to apply eye makeup, first apply a pre-base to smooth and soften the eyelid, to avoid eye shadows from flaking into the crease lines.

- First, apply the main shadow on the upper eyelid and smooth it outwards with a brush.

- Next, apply the darker tone to mark, define and intensify the look. Brush it right into the outer socket (at the outer corner of the eye) towards the edge of the eye area.

- Finally, apply the lighter shadow in the inner area near the tear duct and swoop up under the arch of the eyebrow, to emphasize strategic points of light for a radiant gaze.
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