Carita URBAN RESCUE le renovateur visage

Face scrub - exfoliator

LE RÉNOVATEUR VISAGE by Carita , a renovating dry-exfoliating facial scrub.

This facial scrub is the home version of the legendary renewing scrub used in the brand's professional cabin treatments. It is not a traditional peel, its peculiarity lies in its texture and its application.

Made with particles of roasted sunflower seeds and apricot seeds, it gently exfoliates the skin, renewing it in the most natural way. It also contains essential oils that purify the skin and provide an extrasensory experience. Its application is dry directly on the skin of the face and does not need rinsing since the particles are falling and eliminated by friction.

This renovating exfoliant, like the other products in the URBAN RESCUE line, has been conceived with the purpose of combating the effects of what they call photolysis, which is nothing more than the combination of sun exposure and pollution, causing multiplying the oxidation suffered by the skin cells causing wrinkles or dark spots.

It guarantees the smooth but effective removal of dead cells without dehydrating the skin. It exerts a detox effect thanks to its formulation and after its first use it already reveals a much brighter and smoother skin without a trace of impurities or contamination.
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