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OBSESSED FOR MEN by Calvin Klein tells us about the history of a passion, an addictive feeling that becomes an obsession, an eternal and inseparable union, an infinite alliance, a feeling full of emotion, the bond created between a man and his perfume.

This fragrance was born to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the well-known, emblematic and veteran 'Obsession for Men', starring a young, almost adolescent, Kate Moss. With this, the creative director of the prestigious brand, looks back to the origins of his start in perfumery, thus taking inspiration for future aromatic releases.

This campaign explores the chemistry and obsession of a photographer with the model he is photographing.

This "Eau de Parfum", launched in 2017 by perfumers Ilias Ermenidis and Christophe Raynaud, is included in the Oriental Woody family for men. Completely removed from the classic 'Obsession for Men, it surprises us with an exquisite sweet combination of vanilla, cinnamon and pineapple.

KATE MOSS. The well-known top model is the star of the advertising spot. It reflects the historical photographic session that launched the model to fame. Photographer Mario Sorrenti, in those years Moss's boyfriend, photographed her in the Virgin Islands, and she was playful and seductive as she posed, creating an aura with a certain erotic and intimate tone.

SIMPLE AND CRYSTALLINE. This is the bottle of OBSESSED FOR MEN. Unwilling to steal the lead role from its inner elixir, it adopts the silhouettes of its predecessor, however, the entire chromatic range is completely transparent, reminding us unmistakably of a drop of water.

SPRING AND SUMMER. The stele reveals a fresh and sweet aroma, perfect for daily wear during the hottest months of the year.
Olfactory groups
Woody Oriental
Release Date
Ilias Ermenidis & Christophe Raynaud
3614224480615 / 3614224480653 / 3614224480691
Olfactory family: Oriental Woody.

Top notes: grapefruit, Sichuan pepper, cardamom, lemon and lavender.

Heart notes: cedar, labdanum, leather, geranium and pineapple.

Base notes: black vanilla pod, Amberwood, patchouli, ambroxan and cinnamon.
TIPS FOR USE OBSESSED FOR MEN by Calvin Klein, is a fragrance belonging to the Oriental and Woody family for men. Its olfactory silhouette makes it a perfect essence for use night and day, especially during the hotter months.

Good sillage on the skin and high lastingness.

GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS To prolong the aroma for longer, apply to the inside of the wrists and behind the ear lobes. These pulse zones have a higher temperature than the rest of the body, helping the fragrance evaporate more slowly.

Perfume applied directly on clothes may stain, damage or alter the fabric.

To prolong the wake of the fragrance, we recommend using the other products in the range, such as shower gels, body lotions or deodorants.

CONSERVATION Keep your fragrance out of direct sunlight and away from heat, otherwise its composition could be altered and become little more than a sad reminder of your favorite fragrance.

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