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The olfactory notes that lengthen its duration

It is well known that perfumes have 3 olfactory phases: top notes, heart and base, but
Do you know what are the notes that make a perfume last much longer on the skin?
For those who do not, take note of some of the essences that make the aroma of our fragrance accompany us for longer.


If we see that patchouli has been used in the composition of our perfume, then we must know that its fragrance will last much longer. But what does patchouli smell like? Its aroma is sweet, earthy and moist, which makes it refreshing and immediately recognizable, like L'AMBRE DES MERVEILLES by Hermès.

White musks

The main difference between dry musk and white is in its aroma, since this essence is very fresh and light, although very long-lasting. An example is seen in the 212 Sexy perfume by Carolina Herrera, which combined with vanilla and sandalwood achieve a sensual and very seductive aroma.


Like patchouli and musk, sandalwood seems to appear in the composition of most perfumes. Its aroma has hints of pine and earthy, which makes it an intense and long-lasting scent. Those who have been able to try the Allure Homme Sport Extreme perfume by Chanel perfumes know what we are talking about.


If you like floral perfumes and that their aroma accompanies you throughout the day, then tuberose perfumes are yours. This sweet and exotic scent is one of the most intense and long-lasting within the family of floral notes. The spring and ethereal aroma of the 1881 Femme de Cerruti perfume will give you an idea of the duration of this note.


This note is also usually one of the most used, either in men's or women's perfumes, due to its sweet and floral aroma, nothing overdone, but intense and invigorating. Can you guess what perfume we are talking about? Yes, it is about the Aqua di Gio perfume by Armani.

Pine tree

Finally, if what you are looking for is something woody, but with a fresh touch that will accompany you for a long time, then you need a perfume with notes of pine. Try Esencia de Loewe perfume, its refreshing, intense and clean aroma will convince you.

Here you have them, some of the essences that make our perfumes last and last on our skin.
Take note and take a look at the composition before you get hold of them. Do you want to add any more to the list?

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