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Tricks to apply false eyelashes

6 tips that will make your life easier!
False eyelashes serve to add volume,
to simulate having more or more length, create a fantasy effect, etc. They are a very easy option that completely transforms the makeup look. Sometimes the problem is not the desire, but the technique. Therefore, these tips will make everything
much simpler than it seems.

1. Opt for latex glues.

They are usually whitish in color, but when dry, they are transparent; they are ideal to start practicing. The first few times it is better to put too much amount to feel that the eyelashes sag in the middle of an event.

2. Remember to cut them.

If your false eyelashes are curtain (followed by covering the entire eyelid) you should measure them well. False eyelashes are shorter in the part of the tear, while the longest part should go to the end of your eye to widen it. If they are too long for the shape of your eye, you should cut them at the end. Never cut through the tear duct. In addition to looking bad, it may puncture the sensitive area of your tear duct when you stick it.

3. Use tweezers.

In addition to being more hygienic than with the fingers, it is much more comfortable and precise. There are special flat and curved tweezers for applying false eyelashes. But if you don't have one, you can use the tweezers being careful not to squeeze too much or deform the false eyelashes.

4. Wait for the glue to set.

When you put on false eyelashes, you should wait after putting the glue on them and not stick them directly on your eyelid. If you leave about 30 seconds before applying them, the glue will have acquired more consistency and will be much more effective.

5. Press to stick them well.

Once placed on your eyelid, help yourself with the end of a brush to go tapping them.

6. Outline and hide.

If the line of your false eyelashes has not been very straight or the separation is noticeable, you can hide it by outlining and matching the line. Many choose to apply mascara over their own to stick them to the false ones.
We hope these tips improve your technique for getting a killer look.
Tell us what your tricks are.
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