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The eyeliner has been a must in our makeup bags for several years. Present in all the makeup trends of recent seasons and we love that. What do you think if we know it better to get the most out of it?

These are the different formats and types of eyeliner and their applications:

Pencil eyeliner

It is the most used format. The eyeliner or kajal can be applied to both the outer and inner lash lines. It can also be applied to the eyelid and blended to achieve a smokey eye effect. The final result is not very defined like that of other formats, but it is one of the most comfortable to use. There are several types of eyeliner: normal, waterproof, khôl (the oldest) or automatic (you do not have to sharpen them).

Eyeliner in marker pen

More comfortable format (no need to sharpen it) and easy to apply (ideal for beginners). It pigments more than pencil, allows a more intense and defined line and lasts longer and dries faster than the rest (be careful!). It tends to draw a thicker line and it is not recommended for use inside the eye (only for the outside).

Gel eyeliner

It consists of a thick cream that is applied with a fine brush, usually beveled. It requires more experience and a good pulse to apply it correctly. But, if you master the technique, it is the one that allows the greatest definition and the best fixation. It is the ideal format for brush experts.

Liquid eyeliner

One of the most used formats. It consists of a small bottle with the liquid and a pen brush to apply it. It is, along with the gel, the eyeliner that lasts the longest. It allows to graduate the stroke to taste, creating thinner or thicker lines to our liking. It also requires some practice for the line to come out straight and defined and is only applicable on the outside of the eye.

You already know all the types of eyeliner on the market.
Now you just have to choose yours in the " eyeliners " section.

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