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4 types of nail polish for 4 types of personality

Full color manicure and pedicure?
Yes please!

Essie has been for more than 30 years the reference brand in colored nail polish for millions of women in the USA. Adored by celebrities and experts, it began as a reference brand in beauty salons and is currently a guarantee of the highest quality.

Within the brand they have four different lines whose products meet different needs. We understand that you may feel a little lost when choosing the ideal nail polish for you, therefore, we present you with a clear guide so that you do not have doubts.

Perfect for you if ...
you are looking for a wide range of colors.

It is the classic line of the brand, you can find the most classic colors along with the latest news.
The tones are divided into 6 groups: Whites and pastel; The roses and corals; The Reds; The purples; The blues, greens and grays; The earths and browns

Curiosity! The 006-Ballet slippers shade was created in 1982 and years later became the reference color for the Queen of England , making weekly shipments of this color to Buckingham Palace in London ever since.

Perfect for you if ...
you are looking for a gel effect manicure that will last you perfectly for several days

Enamels specially formulated to be long-lasting with high-end colors.

It has a brush with a twisted stem designed to allow you to apply the right amount of product, along with the special brush for a precise application.

Its twisted bottle was inspired by the great flared dresses of haute couture. You can find a wide variety of colors (both classic and new) and together with the gel couture top coat you can achieve a perfect gel effect, typical of an expert salon.

Perfect for you if ...
you are looking for color and care in one step

We would say that they are enamels with treatment , which fight brittle or brittle nails. Stronger nails are achieved in just one week with 60% fewer cracks and 35% less breakage.

The formula is breathable and enriched with collagen . It also contains an MSN compound that cares for and maintains the integrity of the nail and with a touch of green tea extract to nourish it.

The shades are mostly pastel or very soft for a discreet and delicate nail.

Perfect for you if ...
you are looking for different colors that express who you are
and with a formula adapted to your lifestyle

Its formula is quick-drying and vegan, without ingredients of animal origin or derived by-products. They have created a new technology with the first ambidextrous brush which will facilitate the application on the nail.

This new line of nail lacquers from Essie is specially designed for young girls and boys with an adventurous spirit who like to express themselves through their nail color. The tones are different from the usual ones, more risky and unique.

With which line do you feel identified?
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