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Still have questions about the menstrual cup?

Discover all the benefits that its use can offer, both for you and for the planet

The creation of the menstrual cup was a before and after in terms of intimate feminine hygiene . And it is that, more and more are joining its use. Even so, many doubts remain. In this post, we will solve them for you!

Ecological and sustainable.
Thanks to the menstrual cup, a large amount of waste is avoided. This is a great benefit for the environment, especially considering the moment in which we are.

Inexpensive alternative.
It is a reusable product and with which you forget about single-use items intended for menstruation. The menstrual cup is sterilized at home, so you will not need anything else.

Menstrual cups are made with hypoallergenic and medical grade materials that do not release any type of fiber or material and do not absorb.
Plus, they are chemical free. With this, we can forget about the dreaded toxic shock syndrome.

The menstrual cup is useful for both high-flow and low-flow days. It also provides extra comfort since nothing is noticeable, it does not smell and it can be worn for up to 12 hours. Its design and its different sizes make it adapt to the body and it is compatible with all kinds of activities.

After this, you just have to choose and get a little practice. After a short time you won't want to change it for anything!

Do you dare to join the menstrual cup team?

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