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Are you worried about your hair color and its resistance?

We do not reveal any secret if we tell you that if you have colored hair
you need a specific treatment to keep it healthy and nourished.
From Wella they give us the keys to be able to keep it soft, shiny and resistant.

This type of hair tends to suffer more damage from external influences such as washing, combing or UV radiation, among others. They damage the hair fiber and the hair becomes more sensitive, fragile and brittle.

In general, the state of a colored hair begins to transform from week 0. It begins with the degradation of the color molecules, so the intensity decreases, then the shine no longer maintains the same strength and fades and, therefore Lastly, the resistance of the hair is affected and its strength is reduced. It is precisely in these three key aspects where they have wanted to work until they come up with a formula that treats and cares for them from home.

If your concern is color degradation and improving hair resistance, this is your routine.

The first step is Color Protection shampoo, the brand's best shampoo for color protection. It retains it while preserving its softness and natural shine. It is suitable for daily use and on any type of hair, you will notice the hair free of residues and 100% loose.

The second step is the Moisturizing Color Reflection Conditioner. Suitable for frequent use, it will help you restore and maintain the quality of the hair's surface to achieve an exceptional shine. You can apply it after washing with damp hair.

Lastly, the Structure + Mask contains a unique WellaPlex agent that promotes internal bonds to keep it strong. You can apply it every 1/2 weeks, in this way you will maintain healthy hair structure, as well as improve shine and manageability of scandal.

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