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How to file your nails correctly

We give you some tricks that will be very useful to prepare your nails and give them a perfect finish.
Your hands will have a perfect appearance!

The first thing you need to do to get a good manicure is to choose the right nail file .
There are many models on the market, but those of a lifetime are still an excellent option.
Of course, be careful to choose the file with the most grains if your nails are weak. If your budget is higher, you can also opt for glass ones, of excellent quality.

If you are not an expert, start by considering the three basic options:

If you have short nails and work with your hands, go for a rounded shape. They will be much more practical when it comes to holding them and, in addition, they have the advantage that they look good in any type of hands.

On the other hand, square nails are a trend in women who have long fingers, since they create the right visual effect to prevent them from looking even larger. It is the perfect way to prevent them from breaking.

Oval nails are the most traditional and feminine. In addition, they are very versatile, depending on the polish you use to make them up. If you like them, leave them a little longer. They will show you much more!

Are you afraid of damaging your nails with the file? Do not worry. If you always file in the same direction from one end to the center of the nail, and you do it with delicate movements, they will be beautiful and also in perfect condition.

A final tip: once you have filed your nails, and before painting them with nail polish , apply a layer of strengthening and smoothing base. Nail polish will look much better on you!

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