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The must-have product your look needs

Since we have it on the web it has become a must
for all of us and we confess that more than one has asked for it for Christmas).
We have fallen in love with everything, absolutely everything, with this product,
from its benefits on the skin to its easy use.


First of all, we tell you about its incorporated, patented technologies based on the medical research of electrostimulation of Swiss laboratories.

LIGHT THERAPY® (with LED lights)

The brand has taken full advantage of NASA's wavelength research to transport it to the cosmetic arena. With this, they saw that each length has different benefits on the skin.

The effects of LED light ...
Red light soothes, regenerates and improves redness.
The orange light acts on wrinkles and is firming.
Green light diminishes blemishes, unifying skin tone.
Blue light treats blemishes and regulates sebum production.


These are very mild electrical impulses on the skin with different effects. You will be able to treat the skin in the short and long term ...

  • Lifting effect, reduces lines and wrinkles and firming all over the skin
  • Toning effect, improving density
  • Brightening effect, activates microcirculation and improves pink color
  • Calming effect, stimulates the release of molecules that improve skin comfort

It also has IONOTHERAPY technology , an imperceptible microcurrent that acts on the epidermis and improves the penetration of subsequent cosmetic products that we use.

The programs that you can choose according to your needs ...

  • Anti-aging
  • First wrinkles
  • Anti-stain
  • Anti-blemishes
  • Detox
  • Anti-stress
  • Increase in luminosity
  • Aftersun

And all this… what results does it have?

After the first use, after a clinical test with 30 people they obtained ...

  • A 12% decrease in expression lines.
  • 6.2% increase in chin lift.
  • 15.2% increase in the lifting effect of the face in the lower part
  • With the illuminating program, the skin was 26.7% more luminous.

In just a few minutes you will have your treatment worthy of a beauty center
with the comfort of having it at home and pampering your skin at any time of the day.

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