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Retinol for beginners

We are sure that if we talk to you about retinol it will not be the first time you hear it.
You may not know the powerful benefits that this ingredient can bring you
but in this post you will discover why it has become a must for skincare lovers .

So, let's start with the basics ...

What is retinol?

It comes from vitamin A and the retinoid family, widely used by dermatologists thanks to its many benefits.

How will it act on my skin?

The retinol applied to the skin acts by making a slight peeling in the most superficial layers, which causes the regeneration of the skin itself, increasing the production of the naturally present collagen.

What are the main benefits?

Retinol has become so popular in recent years due to its powerful anti-wrinkle and depigmenting action.

What am I going to notice?

First of all, a change in the texture of the skin, smoother and less roughness. With continued use you will notice how the skin becomes a more even tone due to the reduction of spots as well as wrinkles and healthier skin.

Is for me?

It is suitable for practically any age, although it is usual after 30, when the first signs of age begin to be noticed. Therefore, if you notice premature signs or if you already have them, it is the best option to treat and care for your skin.


The way of use is the most relevant for it to be effective and you should take into account the following guidelines before starting the treatment . Due to its high potency, if we go from not using it to using it every day, the skin can react with redness or irritation.

Therefore, it is recommended to start at a low concentration and twice a week . After approximately 2 weeks you can start applying it every other day and if you see that your skin tolerates it well, you can continue for a few more weeks. You will see how then your skin will be 100% adapted to retinol and you can use it daily. Our advice is not to be in a hurry, little by little your skin will be ready for one of the best and most powerful anti-aging ingredients.

Apply it to your night routine and don't forget the protection factor in the morning.
If you consider that you need to introduce retinol into your routine but you don't know which product to start with, we recommend REVITALIFT LASER PURE RETINOL SERUM NIGHT . They did a study with 49 women who used this serum on a daily basis for 4 months. The result? 100% confirmed that they had noticed a reduction in the appearance of their wrinkles.

Are you ready to put a countdown to wrinkles?
Have you ever used retinol?
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