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Intensive facial routine with hyaluronic acid

During the summer the skin of the face acquires vital importance

The sun, the beach and the pool can cause increased sensitivity, irritation and dryness in the face. We present the complete line of the Macca brand that will remedy all these summer problems. We recommend that you start with the routine before exposing yourself to all these external agents and maintain it during all the summer months and ... get ready for the hydration pump!

Macca has managed to create formulas with ingredients treated with the most cutting-edge scientific innovation , which guarantees us effectiveness and precision in each treatment.

What is the key ingredient?


This active ingredient is appreciated for its rich and moisturizing effect on the skin. It is a natural component of connective tissue. Its low molecular weight concentration easily penetrates the epidermis and adds a large amount of water (up to 20 times its weight), filling and rehydrating cells.

At its highest molecular weight, it has difficulty penetrating the skin and remains on the surface, with a very high moisturizing power for a prolonged hydration sensation and greater softness.

What changes will you notice?

Juicy, fresh and visibly healthier skin. Its hyaluronic acid content in different concentrations of molecular weight achieves unique benefits. Also, recommended for all ages and skin types.

1. Not only does it soften the skin in its outermost layer, it penetrates it and plumps it from the inside.

2. Maintains natural hydration, is capable of retaining 1000 times its weight in water.

3. Stimulates the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid and collagen , which tends to decrease due to external factors or age.

The 3 products in the line

Which to choose?

The ideal is to combine two of these 3 products. The one that cannot be missing is the serum, suitable for all skin types and depending on the type of skin we have, we will choose the emulsion (combination or oily skin) or the cream (normal or dry skin) .

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