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The best after sun facial and body: which one to choose?

With the arrival of the summer season, exposure to the sun increases and,
If a good after sun is not used, the skin can suffer the consequences. After applying sunscreen and protecting ourselves from solar radiation, after suns are the next step to achieve the best care and protection of our skin.

What is the after sun for?

Its benefits are numerous: hydrates,
as it returns lost moisture to the skin, protects from UV rays, prevents flaking, acts as an anti-inflammatory by lowering inflammation and skin temperature, as it becomes stressed and red. In addition, it prevents aging, since the sun in excess degrades the collagen and elastin fibers. The after sun is the ideal cosmetic product to apply as a final step after sunbathing, since it prolongs the tan and restores hydration to our skin, as well as preparing it for future exposures.

When to use after sun?

The after sun is no less important
than sunscreen and don't skip it. After showering, it should be applied by massaging evenly into the skin to ensure penetration into the deeper layers. If we want to prolong the tanning effect so that it looks healthy and homogeneous, we must use it daily for at least 20 days after the last exposure. We must take into account the expiration date and do not take advantage of bottles from the previous year, since, in addition to not protecting and hydrating properly, it can have very harmful effects on our skin.

The best after sun facial creams


It acts as a moisturizer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is composed of natural ingredients that stimulate the skin to achieve a natural repairing effect, helping to strengthen the immune system.


Repairs and nourishes skin damaged by the action of the weather (excessive heat or cold) as well as by ultraviolet radiation. Provides hydration, leaving the skin smooth and soft thanks to its unique formula.


Revitalize the skin thanks to this after sun from Confort Zone laboratories. Contains up to 90% natural ingredients that restore freshness and ideal tone to the skin.

The best after sun body creams


The after sun ecran is designed to repair skin damaged by the action of the sun. If your skin feels tight, with a tendency to flake and also reddish, with this product you will get protection for 24 hours.


ISDIN's after sun cream , with high moisturizing power, is very effective in preventing flaking of the skin. It is ideal to calm and refresh, in addition to prolonging the tan. ISDIN After sun is an essential cream for every summer.


This well-known, widely used brand, NIVEA SUN After Sun Lotion based on avocado and aloe vera, soothes the skin immediately after application.

Frequent questions

What is the best after sun facial?

Most after suns have been tested and proven to be very effective. There is a wide variety of after sun with different properties and benefits that will adapt to our needs. In addition to the aforementioned products, some examples are, Hawaiian tropic after sun or After sun Vichy, which are ideal to protect and relieve, even against any non-serious burn.

What is the best after sun to maintain a tan?

After sun products are cosmetic products for sun protection and have been tested to achieve their objective, which is the protection, nutrition and hydration of the skin. The After Sun Ecran is formulated and tested with the intention of being in addition to being a repairer, a perfect ally of our tan, since it prolongs and maintains it so that it looks beautiful and healthy.

How often to apply the after sun?

It should always be applied after each sun exposure. If we also want to maintain the tan, it is recommended to prolong its use for at least 20 days, or as many as necessary for the skin to maintain its tanned and healthy appearance.

Can you use after sun for sunburns?

Yes, if the burns are minor. The after suns are ideal to reduce inflammation and hydrate, as well as to lower the temperature and refresh the skin. If the burns are serious, you have to go to the dermatologist to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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