Biotherm SKIN FITNESS body treatment

Body moisturiser

SKIN FITNESS Body Treatment by Biotherm is a body treatment that favors and enhances results after sports practice.

The SKIN FITNESS body line has been developed for women who practice sports daily. A series of cosmetic products that help to soften skin and enhance the results of physical activity.

This body gel is the ideal complement for people who take care of their body practicing sport, since it should only be used after exercise. Thanks to its specific formula, it smooths and hydrates the skin deeply so that it acquires softness and smoothness day after day.

With use, skin daily improves tone and quality becoming luminous and enviably supple. Its pleasant gel-cream texture is quickly absorbed avoiding a greasy finish and leaving behind a dewy silk veil.

This serum is recommended for all skin types, especially the driest with evident signs of dehydration.
Skin type
Apply after sports practice. On clean and dry skin, and with the help of a gentle massage, concentrate on the drier areas until completely absorbed.
Recommended for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

To complete the beauty routine, combine this cream with other products from the BIOTHERM brand for better results to enhance the benefits of the treatment.

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