BLUE THERAPY multi-defender SPF25 PNM

Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle

Most part of skin damage is caused by external aggressions, such as UVA/UVB rays and pollution, which cause premature ageing of the skin, accelerating the appearance of lines and wrinkles and dulling the tone of our skin.
BLUE THERAPY MULTI-DEFENDER SPF 25 is Biotherm's first anti-ageing cream that offers total protection against UVB rays, long UVA and pollution, in the lightest of textures. Biotherm invites us to stop the action of damage caused by external agents by introducing this new range of treatment that, after its first application, creates a protective film on the skin. Its formula, with broad-spectrum SPF25 protection factor, fights the sun's harmful rays, free radicals and photo-ageing.
A complete shield that protects the skin from external ageing accelerators and reduces the visible signs of ageing: it protects the skin from long UVA rays, responsible of 75% of the ageing and pollution accelerators, which are never covered with today's SPF creams of daily use.
Get a skin protected, regenerated, more uniform, smoother and firmer.
Discover the #1* anti-ageing range launched in 2012 following a study by Biotherm. Only 20% of signs of age are inevitable; 80% of the visible signs of age can be repaired.
legal: Source NPD sales volume selective anti-ageing market cumulative June 2018.
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