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Bella Aurora BELLA AURORA SOLAR protector sensible SPF100+


Bella Aurora
El PROTECTOR SOLAR SPF 100+ sensitive skin by Bella Aurora offers maximum sun protection in addition to preventing the appearance of dark spots.

It has a very high protection that acts against UVA, UVB and infrared radiation, creating a shield that protects skin against the damage caused by these rays. It also acts to attenuate existing dark spots and prevent the appearance of future ones, while moisturising and regenerating the skin.

Its formula contains active antioxidant ingredients that protect and repair cell DNA, preventing premature aging, as well as attenuating wrinkles and preventing the appearance of dark spots. Not only does it protect skin from the sun, but its antioxidant shielding power acts against pollution and toxic aggressions such as heavy metals, gases or tobacco smoke.

Its light texture is ideal for comfortable application. With a dry matte finish, its formula is not comedogenic and it is also very resistant to water. Ideal for people who need very special sun protection and have sensitive skin.
Skin type
Sensitive / Atopic
SPF Protection
High (SPF 30 - SPF 50 +)
Hypoallergenic / Parabens Free / No Comedogenic
Its ingredients include:

· Cotton stem cells: prevent damage caused by radiation and repair cells, which also reduce inflammation, calm and regenerate the skin.

· Curcumin extract: counteracts the environmental impact and has anti-inflammatory and depigmenting action.
Especially recommended for sensitive skin with pigmentation alterations, solar allergies or other types of photodermatosis. Apply generously all over face before sun exposure, avoiding contact with the eyes. Apply after the usual cosmetic treatment every morning. Reapply every 2 hours or when perspiring or after a bath.

Bella Aurora - BELLA AURORA SOLAR protector sensible SPF100+ - Reviews

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