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Bella Aurora GEL EXFOLIANTE anti-manchas peeling enzimático

Face scrub - exfoliator

Bella Aurora Clarifying Enzymatic Peeling exfoliant gel is an anti-spot treatment that cleans the skin in depth and accelerates the process of removing spots by clarifying and softening its tone.

This exfoliating gel has two complementary actions for the reduction of pigment spots: firstly, it performs a chemical exfoliation which breaks down the desquamated corneous cells; then it carries out a physical exfoliation with polyethylene particles, which eliminates the skin films to make way for new cells. Therefore, it is the ideal complement to any anti-spot treatment.

This new and complete formula performs an intense cleansing, stimulates cell renewal and unifies the skin tone. For all skin types.
Skin type
All skin types
Its main active components are:

· Jojoba oil, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing.

· Keratoline, which removes dead cells to promote cell regeneration and soften the skin.

· Ecoscrub 50 PC, exfoliating particles.
Recommended for all skin types with dark spots or imperfections.

Combine it with other Bella Aurora products for optimal results.
Apply once or twice per week to the face, avoiding the area around eyes. Perform a soft massage concentrating on the areas with imperfections. Leave for five minutes as a cosmetic mask, after which time, remove with lukewarm water.

Bella Aurora - GEL EXFOLIANTE anti-manchas peeling enzimático - Reviews

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