Artdeco MINERAL lip styler


Artdeco MINERAL Lip Styler is a creamy lip liner with retractable system that guarantees a long-lasting and high precision.

This lip liner helps to create an impeccable makeup thanks to its retractable mine. It allows to define more precisely the lip contour, to provide greater volume and facilitate the lipstick application.

After use, our makeup remains intact for longer, and the lip contour is hydrated and free of tightness or small roughness thanks to its moisturizing formula.

It also includes a pencil sharpener to improve the quality of the stroke.
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Main components:

· Hyaluronic acid, that keeps the lip completely hydrated.

· Candelilla wax, responsible for providing creaminess to the mine.

· Mica, that provides shine.

Paraben-free and fragrance-free.
Tips for a precise and long-lasting application:

- Moisturize the skin with a base lip. It should be perfectly clean and dry to facilitate the application of the product.

- Choose the lipstick. If you are going to use a dark or intense lip, choose a liner similar to that color. If you are looking for a natural finish and your lip is clear or nude, choose a liner similar to the tone of your lips.

- Start from the center to the corners using short and quick strokes.

- To reduce the lip volume, apply the pencil following the line of the lips from the inside. To give volume, follow their line from the outside.

- If you are looking for a natural finish, softens the corners with soft touches and smooth the edges.

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