Acqua Di Parma COLONIA SANDALO 2 Refills

Eau de Cologne concentrée spray for man


COLONIA SANDALO Refills 2x30 mL by Acqua di Parma is a men's “Eau de Colgne Concentrée” that is included in the Woody Aromatic family launched in 2016. This edition consists of 2 individual refills in 'travel format' .

It is a new perfume designed for men characterized by their elegance and sophistication who seek a distinguished aroma to create their own identity stamp. Included in the 'Ingredient Collection' a collection of fragrances made around essential and iconic notes in the world of perfumery.

This time the real protagonist is sandalwood, a special woody aroma that stands out for its creaminess and for its calming powers in the aromatherapy sector. Its pure and natural character makes this perfume a true treasure in the world of high perfumery, a selective and exquisite product for the most gourmet of perfume.

FRESH AND TIMELESS . A creation that represents the art of High Perfumery, a fresh and intense aroma at the same time, with the refinement of the simplicity of luxury, for men who enjoy the true values of life, in tune with any season of the year.

MODERN KNIGHTS . SANDALO is an intense and natural male Eau de Cologne with great durability. This is a fragrance for elegant men who enjoy the care of a good shave, a good skincare treatment, and a fragrance that lives up to their masculinity.

ARISTOCRACTIC LUXURY. ACQUA DI PARMA, represents the values and commitment of a timeless style that bases its "good work" on tradition and elegance for contemporary gentlemen. The exclusive signature has its origins in the early 20th century in the city of Parma (Italy), center of aristocratic culture, with famous figures of the time such as the composer Giuseppe Verdi.
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Woody Aromatic
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