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4711 4711 SET

Perfume set unisex


4711 EDC is a unisex 'Eau de Cologne' from the German citrus notes company Mäurer & Wirtz. With more than two centuries behind it, this fragrance keeps its formulation secret, a fresh and vital essence that instantly brings us well-being and energy, and fills our days with luminosity.

This fragrance was created in 1792 by Wilhelm Muelhens. Its history began when a Carthusian monk gave Muelhens some drops of "miraculous water", and from these, I believe this water cologne, with medicinal properties. This is a fragrance that has a positive effect on our mood due to its wonderfully selected ingredients and essential oils.

As we have already said, its original formula is a total secret, but among them we can distinguish notes of orange, peach, basil, bergamot and lemon oil, citric and refreshing notes, which last alive throughout its wake. Then there are floral and fruity sparkles, very subtle and light, such as cyclamen, melon and Bulgarian rose, finally, its essence takes on a woody tone, with notes like oak moss and cedar.

4711. This Eau de Cologne was created at 4711 rue des Carillons in Cologne, which is why we can deduce the name of the fragrance.

AROMATHERAPY. The aromas of this fragrance are used in aromatherapy for their revitalizing, nervous system strengthening, relaxing and soothing properties.

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4011700747207 / 4011700745876
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